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Nail glitter

Nail glitter

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Name: Manicure Titanium Powder
Style: 12 models
Size: 4.0*4.0cm
Weight: about 10g / box
Features: easy to color, easy to smear, new upgrade
Different backgrounds have different effects
1. Apply a primer to get a better mirror effect. The base layer can be a variety of UV/LED gel polishes. UV/LED lamps must be installed when applying primer or topcoat.
2. Different wiping methods can achieve different mirror effects.
3. The mirror powder should be wiped on a thin layer. Too thick will affect the mirror effect.
4. After finishing the mirror effect, it is necessary to apply a UV/LED nail polish finish. The topcoat of the nail polish can make the mirror effect brighter and last longer.

5. The color of the mirror effect depends on the color of the primer you are using. You can try to get different mirror effects by using a different color than the base layer.

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